What Went Wrong with the Green Line Project?

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In early 2006 work was to begin on a monorail line linking West Seattle and Ballard to Downtown Seattle. The line was scheduled to open in 2010. So if the project had been completed as scheduled, people in those areas would now be enjoying the benefits of high-speed transit. People in West Seattle would be enjoying a quick trip Downtown. People in Ballard could be getting downtown in a few minutes, bypassing congestion on 15th Ave. W. and Elliott Ave. W., and never getting delayed by the Ballard Bridge opening.

But inadequate financing and alleged poor management resulted in serious problems and resulted in public opposition. The opponents of the monorail took advantage of this setback to launch a very negative mass confusion campaign, and in November 2005 a confused and skeptical public voted in favor of killing the project, just a few months before the scheduled start of construction. It is important to note that the project was killed not due to poor design, but rather to political and financial problems.

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